Wednesday, November 16, 2011


After resting myself for a year not traveling abroad, finally again, I was able to book a flight. I am a sucker for Cebu Pacific's Lite promo/Seat sale. When I saw their seat sale alert on twitter, I immediately booked flights going to  HongKong and Singapore.

Deleted the details.

Moving on-- While I was on the process of booking, I keep on saying *Shit ang mura!* 
A roundtrip ticket to HongKong costs Php 3k++ while Singapore costs 6k++ (excluding taxes of course)
Good thing about Cebu Pacific is even if you don't have any credit card, you can still book a flight and just simply pay at their payment center within 24 hrs prior.

In their next seat sale alert, my target countries would be Korea and China. *crossfingers*


  1. we also love to travel! looking forward to your HK-SG posts.. :)