Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Run for Pasig River, 11.20.11

Me and my friends decided to stay for the night at our abode so we don't have too look up for each other in the event. In my earlier post about the Pasig river run, we chose the 5K trail. The starting line would be at Roxas Boulevard cor. Pedro Gil station.

T'was already 4:30am when we started to look for a cab. We were so anxious cause we might get late (4:45am is the Gun start) Finally after 20minutes of waiting, we hopped in a vacant one. The ride was fast, no traffic at all. When we reached Pedro Gil, we were not even surprised with the huuuuuuuge crowd (Majority are students from different schools/universities like UST, DLSU, ADMU etc.). Luckily, the race has not started yet. Well I somehown knew it- crowd control ain't easy and of course, Filipino time.

The race goes on (sorry for the other blurred pictures)

C 1959 - That's me!

Taking advantage- car-less flyover

Nearing the MOA Globe - at last!

Finally - Finish Line!

Friend holding a freebie from Champion detergent - LOL

Smart C Freebie

Free shower - Courtesy of Maynilad

Enjoying every drop

Better shower you have there

Heading to MOA - Breakfast

Yours truly - while waiting at Mcdonald's.
The place was jam packed of course

Finally we were able to seat - I'm dead hungry!
Thank you for the free breakfast !- courtesy of my friend's Dad.

Abnormal bestfriends - LOL

Probably waiting for the mall to open

A lot of students - NSTP Requirement

There were no public transpo in MOA at that time (roads were blocked and yeah it's too early) We have no choice but to walk back to Roxas boulevard (Buendia) to look for a cab.

The sun is up and it's killing us

I must say that I really had a great time. The race wasn't THAT tiring at all (60% walking, 30% jogging due to the huge crowd!) Saw a lot of runners who wanted to have a DECENT run but unfortunately, they can't. I enjoyed my first run and I am looking forward for more next time. I suggest that they should change the race title to:

"A WALK for Pasig River"


  1. Hey Jeo, I could have registed on this one and run too, kaya lang we're both sick, nanibago sa climate ng Pinas. mainit pa din pala.

    It's nice huh running with friends and the fact that it's for a cause makes it more meaningful. Way to go. See you soon! :)

  2. Take good care of yourself and your fiancee sir. Yes, ubod ng init talaga kahit magpapasko na (na supposedly eh dapat malamig na sa buwan na to) Marami pang run, we could register

  3. Love your last line! XD Indeed, a crowd that big wouldn't be able to get a decent run. My little sis joined the Run for Pasig too as her NSTP requirement. She planned to just walk instead of running, but when she got there, wala naman daw talagang choice but to walk. Hahaha

    I haven't joined any fun run events yet, but I used to jog at Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.. :) Although I can only do 5k of non-stop jogging and running. Hopefully I'll get to experience fun run events too, soon.. :)

  4. Ganyan talaga yung itsura niyo sa race or after na yan?

    Lakad ito, hindi takbo!

  5. @Sumi- The event was more like a parade :)) anyhow, we did enjoy naman. Kawawa yung mga students na required for NSTP, yung iba or majority I must say, napilitan lang. haha

    @Thirdy- Yan na talaga yung suot namin the whole run. I know that it looked somehow inappropriate haha but it's okay, we knew naman na "walk" yung mangyayari.