Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's really not that easy to stop: on Cigarettes

"Fuck ayoko na talaga, stop na ko. Last stick ko na to."
"Next week titigil na talaga ako."
After a week: "Ma-try nga ulit, kahit isang stick lang. Tumigil naman ako ng one week, eh"

Exactly my sentiments two years ago (when my smoking career started) I was in 3rd year college when my body discovered the need for nicotine. In my first few weeks of trying it, I consume 2 to 3 sticks only (because I don't wanna get HOOKED) but months passed by, who the hell cares if I smoke a 7 or 8? I must say that my lungs had experienced the "Dark ages" in that two years time.

-Whenever I am on a drinking session (which really happens frequently), I consume a pack (20 sticks or even more)
-My friends are into the same vice
-When I am in school, I smoke during break time, lunch time, anytime.
-Smoking at home? never let that pass, too. When no one is at home or if everyone is already sleeping.
-When I want to be stress-free, I puff.  (though I know that It's all in the mind, really)

So whatever happened to me now?

I officially stopped smoking in the latter days of March this year. T'was really hard for me but I know that I can resist it, for the sake of my life. What I did? I kept myself busy doing other stuff and all my cigarettes (including lighters)-- off to the trash.

It's really not that easy to stop. You can't simply tell anyone to take out smoking in his/her system. It's a gradual process. It has been 9 months since my last smoke and I won't turn that into waste. I feel happy for myself. Congratulations, Jeo.

As for my drinking career, I barely attend session with friends now. Last time was, I think, a month ago (unlike when I was in college that drinking happens on a daily basis) I am living a healthy life right now. I do run and exercise. What I am trying to control now is my food intake (This one is waaaaaaaaaaay to hard and you all know that!)


  1. I applaud you for the effort of taking cigarettes off from you life. I, being an advocate of Smoke Free Philippines, is delighted to know how much effort you put into it.

    I don't smoke and I won't resort to it even for the shallow belief of coping for stress. It was never a stress reliever.

    I know how hard it is, but your effort won't be in vain. Just continue with the change and you'll end up smiling.

  2. Oh dear tell me about it. Ive been trying to quit smoking for as long as I can remember. Its not an easy thing to do but at least youre pretty much aware the smoking is really bad for our health. We know we must do something about this problem and I hope we would be successful in combating the addiction. Well you are already successful and im not. Yikes. :)