Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pamana Tagaytay once more.

I've already blogged about PAMANA before. In our recent trip, we had our lunch there again. I won't post pictures of the food anymore.

We were the only customer during that time. T'was an Ash Wednesday. Other friends didn't mind eating pork. After our heavy lunch at Pamana, we went down to Talisay Batangas to spend the rest of the day.
While waiting for the other who were wakeboarding, they wasted time playing Monopoly deal while I, on the other hand, was playing Temple run.

Guilty pleasures

In the speedboat :)

They're done with wakeboarding

Taal Lake 


Only thing I regret that day: I wasn't able to attend mass :(

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When that one thing you needed the most gave up on you

For a traveler, you always want to take photos or shots of the places you’ve been to because it’s a satisfaction of: Hey! I’ve finally visited/witnessed the beauty of this place! and Relaying your experiences through stories so others may enjoy. So what’s the gist?

I have this camera (Canon 7MP digital cam) for 5 years already. It was actually a gift from my Dad when I graduated High school. I was not so informed about cameras cause all I knew then that the Canon brand was a good gadget. After being so functional for 4 years, all of a sudden, the flash won’t work. I got pretty disappointed with what happened because the day after I noticed that it was malfunctioning, was my trip to HongKong. Right, how will I be able to take pictures if the flash ain’t working, especially night shots?

The camera lost its value, that one thing I needed gave up on me. The camera is still working now but It doesn’t take good pictures (hello, it’s just a 7 megapixel) plus uh, it doesn’t have a flash for crying out loud. That’s why I always rely on my friends who have cameras and just simply grab it. I badly need a new one (a super digicam with 13MP above with the likes of Nikon and Canon or maybe an SLR)

Dream on Jeo, you don’t have money okay? Yes I don’t have and I don’t have the guts also to ask my parents about it. I want to save up but there are more important things than that. Jeo is frugal. LOL

I’m really hoping, praying to have a new one before summer.
LOL with praying.