Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When that one thing you needed the most gave up on you

For a traveler, you always want to take photos or shots of the places you’ve been to because it’s a satisfaction of: Hey! I’ve finally visited/witnessed the beauty of this place! and Relaying your experiences through stories so others may enjoy. So what’s the gist?

I have this camera (Canon 7MP digital cam) for 5 years already. It was actually a gift from my Dad when I graduated High school. I was not so informed about cameras cause all I knew then that the Canon brand was a good gadget. After being so functional for 4 years, all of a sudden, the flash won’t work. I got pretty disappointed with what happened because the day after I noticed that it was malfunctioning, was my trip to HongKong. Right, how will I be able to take pictures if the flash ain’t working, especially night shots?

The camera lost its value, that one thing I needed gave up on me. The camera is still working now but It doesn’t take good pictures (hello, it’s just a 7 megapixel) plus uh, it doesn’t have a flash for crying out loud. That’s why I always rely on my friends who have cameras and just simply grab it. I badly need a new one (a super digicam with 13MP above with the likes of Nikon and Canon or maybe an SLR)

Dream on Jeo, you don’t have money okay? Yes I don’t have and I don’t have the guts also to ask my parents about it. I want to save up but there are more important things than that. Jeo is frugal. LOL

I’m really hoping, praying to have a new one before summer.
LOL with praying.


  1. My digital camera costs around Php 8k when I bought it last year. 14.1 MP, you might want to check it out. :)It's a Powershot A3200. :) That's the one I'm using for my blog.

  2. At least your camera's still working.. :( My point-and-shoot gave up on me after being by my side for 4 years. It's just a Sony DSC-S700 but I love it to bits. It was my first camera, bought using my own savings. Anyway, I'm sure we can save up little by little. There are a lot of affordable but great cameras out there naman.