Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pamana Tagaytay once more.

I've already blogged about PAMANA before. In our recent trip, we had our lunch there again. I won't post pictures of the food anymore.

We were the only customer during that time. T'was an Ash Wednesday. Other friends didn't mind eating pork. After our heavy lunch at Pamana, we went down to Talisay Batangas to spend the rest of the day.
While waiting for the other who were wakeboarding, they wasted time playing Monopoly deal while I, on the other hand, was playing Temple run.

Guilty pleasures

In the speedboat :)

They're done with wakeboarding

Taal Lake 


Only thing I regret that day: I wasn't able to attend mass :(


  1. Wow nice!
    By the way, where is PAMANA exactly located. Seem a very cool place. And the resto seemed to be in an era of the past. Very cool. Nice bonding

  2. have relatives in Talisay, Batangas but haven't been in that area there.

  3. I wasn't able to attend mass too. So don't worry about it. I just hoped you abstained though. :)


  4. @Sir jay

    Malapit lang siya sa circle (city proper) Along the road
    lang, you won't miss it. And yes, maganda talaga sa loob.
    Bale hanggang 3rd floor siya, you can dine outside.
    Malamig :)

    Thanks for visiting :)Yup, I abstained naman. Super
    tiniis ko wag kainin yung inorder na Crispy pata :))

  5. I want to visit Pamana! Buti ka pa 2x na nakapunta.. :)