Sunday, November 13, 2011

With just 1 thousand?

Earlier this morning, I asked my Dad that I wont go the shop. I decided to go to 168 mall to look up for shirts and other wearable items/stuff. I am no fan of buying shirts, shorts etc. but since I am already lacking something to wear (and i am tired of using same old shit) am gonna go to the said mall where I could buy a lot for just 1 thousand pesos.

My last visit in 168 was a year ago. Now, I was surprised that it got even more gastronomic. Same same, it's still very cold there and a lot of people are buying, haggling over. They are making the most out of their purchases since Christmas is nearing.

Being a guy, I already have in mind what I am going to buy: A pair of shoes, slim shorts and shirt.
You may be wondering how can I buy all those stuff with just 1thou bucks. Mind you guys,
everything there, is cheap. If you're not a brand conscious, you may opt to shop there instead of going to
high end malls.

So what do I got?

A pair of black shoes: Php 440.00
(2) Slim fit shorts: Php 360.00

*You should know how to haggle

A total of just Php 800.00 ! I know right? It's very cheap! Got a good deal!
For the shirts, Nothing captures my eyes. 

Just a tip: If you wanna shop there, go as early as now because come late November and December, you'll be irritated with the huge crowd and traffic will kill your patience. Also, nowhere is safe. Be careful with your belongings for a lot of culprit are on the loose.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping!


  1. Good thing you're really a wise shopper! And it's not all about brands din. As long as the stuff fits you well ayos pa din. Nasa nagdadala kasi yan ika nga.

    Perhaps I should visit 168 too..hehehe..I won't be bringing lots of stuff with me when I go home.

  2. @SirJay - I can accompany you if you like. Just message me. Para ma-feel mo ulit ang Manila madness. hehe

    @kay - thank you :) tipid tipid lang muna sa pera.