Wednesday, March 14, 2012

HongKong (business trip)

Got back last weekend and sorry guys for not updating my blog. Don't expect too much from this post cause I am on a business trip and I'll be sharing some photos only (No Ocean Park, Disneyland and other well-known tourist spots alright?)

So here goes!

Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui where my heart is.

A1 TST MTR Exit. A couple of tumbling from my hotel

Haiphong Road

Saw that? Louie Business Hotel! Where I stayed. It's a cheap but decent hotel. I highly recommend it :) Oh, btw, that way leads to Canton Road where Harbour City is (a big shopping mall)

Very first meal when I arrived at HongKong. It's overrated. Didn't like it! haha

Breakfast at Mcdo

A sure meal that I would love to eat. Sweet and Sour Pork at Citysuper, Harbour City.
I literally invaded this store. Thank goodness we'll gonna have them in Phils this June at Mall of Asia

The 'turo-turo' dinner. Just tried lobster balls. Well it's a bit pricey for me ,5HKD. cause you can get a decent meal for just 20HKD.

Dumplings, Eggettes.

Fresh Shakes and Juice! The woman looked mad so I didn't bother buying here. haha

Eggettes and Lobster ball from the turo turo store. lol

Nan Lian garden. My favorite spot in HongKong. So calm and serene

Where I spend most of my time. I just love staring at the trees, appreciating nature. Very near my hotel.

Hankow Road, TST. The store in the right is Pastelaria Koi Kei. Two years ago, they only have stores in Macau, good thing they have it now there in HongKong (for those who can't travel to Macau) It's located at the back of my hotel. See, location wise, Louie Business hotel is really good!

Endless walking. Walking my ass off going to Star Ferry

At the hotel. My one and only picture when I got there in HongKong. Haha!


  1. You should! HK is just two hour away lang naman :) I did enjoy eating out there. I love chinese cuisines kasi :)

  2. For me, one doesnt need to actually go to Disneyland nor Ocean Park to experience HK. Having a taste of their cuisine and seeing their way of life is enough. :) Great photos too! I'd love to go back to HK. Its been ages. :)

  3. I agree jssica. Disneyland and other themed parks is a must if it's your first time. But if you really want to savour the culture, food and everything, it's in the city.
    Thanks for the compliment about the photos!

  4. I want to go to HK soon! :D I'd love to do some food tripping and shopping at HK. Pati to visit Disney Land na rin, of course.. :D

  5. Nan Lian Garden is also one of my favorite spots in Hong Kong. It's totally unlike the rest of the city - free from crowds, very green and with that gold pagoda in the middle!

  6. @wanderme: indeed!so relaxing. I could spend half a day there. Thank you for dropping by :) visited your blog too!

  7. the next time i'll be in HK, i'll make sure to take a lot of street shots. pati food trip. ang bagets ko pa kasi noong 1st HK trip ko, classick disneyland lang napuntahan ko. toinks!

  8. Hi chyng! am gonna wait for your post kung ganon, for sure you'll gonna have lots of photos and stories to tell.