Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Singapura Jan 2012

Before I go into details with our recent trip to Singapore, I want to thank those people who helped us in making our itinerary esp. to the Pex people (Travel & Leisure)

1st day

We arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 around 11am. Our flight to SIN via CebuPac is 1:30. Since we were so damn bored, we loiter around the airport to eat and check out some goodies at duty free. Our flight was 30mins delayed so we had enough time to roam around and take pictures. I was totally surprised with Terminal 3. The place is beyond par-cleanliness wise with Terminal 2 (where PAL flights are) and Terminal 1 (where all the other airlines depart)

We left the Airport at around 2pm. I felt so ecstatic cause after a year, I was able to ride again an international flight. I'm a little bit nervous cause it's my first time to ride a budget airline going abroad. Thank God, there were no turbulence. We arrived at Changi approximately 6pm. Our uncle was waiting outside the airport. He talked to my Dad before our trip that he'll pick us up. I was shocked that he brought a bus for us.

We were only 5 in there: Me and my sister, my two cousins and my uncle. haha Anyway, fast forward-ing my excitement, we headed off to the city.

Before we went to hotel, we had dinner at Kallang (near Aljunied) that's around 9pm. I didn't take a lot of photos because we were busy chit-chatting ang updating each other (sorry for being lame, I don't have food pictures either)

T'was already 11pm when we went to the place where we'll stay. I booked South East Asia Hotel in Bugis. I chose that hotel because:
 1.) No.1 suggested budget hotel in Pinoyexchange (Travel &Leisure) - 100SGD/night Twin Room
 2.) 5-7min walk from Bugis MRT Station
 3.) Near Bugis street (shopping district)
 4.) Walking distance to Orchard, Little India etc.

For room photos, check out the website (link) and Tripadvisor. Since it's a budget hotel, there were no mini refrigerators and other stuff that you see in a 5 star so don't expect too much. Good thing about this hotel, they have a complimentary breakfast. You can choose Vegetarian buffet or Continental (toasted bread with butter plus orange juice) to give you a heads up:

If you want to save, might as well take breakfast in the hotel to save up money. And oh, before I forgot, you can borrow adaptors at the reception.

After our breakfast, we went to Kwan Im Temple just beside our hotel.

My sister seriously praying.

Me feeding these flying creatures in front of the Temple

We then took the MRT and headed to Orchard station (to exchange our USD at Lucky Plaza) Uncle told us that they have good rates there. Last week, t'was 1.28SGD = 1USD

At Orchard Rd.

Lucky Plaza and stores inside

After our agenda in Orchard, we headed to Little India to look for Mustafa Center. When we arrived at Little India MRT Station, we don't know w/c exit to take so I asked for directions. An Indian lady told us to ride the MRT again and alight at Farrer Park (next station) cause it's way nearer Mustafa.

When you go straight, you'll see Mustafa

This place is a big centre. Everything you need is there: Chocolates, Perfumes, Apparels and even Electronic items. Yes, it's cheaper here.

After Mustafa, We went to Marina Bay Sands. Mind you guys, you should alight at Bayfront Station and NOT at Marina Bay Stn. cause it's a little bit far, around 15 to 20mins. walk

I loved it in there. The hotel is extravagant. Promise to myself that when I go back, I'll check-in in MBS.
Wanna see the Singapore's skyline? You can go to the Skypark (20SGD/pax). We went up during afternoon so it is boiling hot. I suggest you go there by night. 

Around Marina, you can visit also Merlion, Fullerton Hotel, Esplanade, Double Helix bridge

See that Ferris Wheel? That's the Singapore Flyer. The Highest observation deck in Asia.

Dont you ever forget to bring umbrella when you stroll around. It's freaking hot like in the Philippines. Since we were so exhausted, we decided to go back to the hotel. After resting for 2 to 3 hours, Off we go to Chinatown.

Chinatown is a very lively place. There's a huge crowd. It's as if you're Christmas Shopping in Divisoria (maybe because Chinese New Year is nearing) There are alot of stores where you can buy pasalubong. Singapore keychains only 30PCS for just 10SGD! Dragon stuff toys 2 to 3pcs for 10SGD. I really really love Chinese culture. I was a bit sad for I will not celebrate Chinese New Year there with relatives.

We got back at the hotel around 1am. What a tiring day for us indeed. Good thing we accomplished everything in our itinerary. Ill have different post for Food trips, Universal Studios, and other places we visited during our stay.


  1. Woah! I want to go to Singapore! :D

  2. @michymichymoo Be alert with seat sale fares of CebuPac
    or you can opt to ride JetStar (budget airline too)
    Save a lot of money :)) everything there is expensive *sigh*

  3. Aljunied! i heard they also sesrve chilli crabs for cheaper price. ang hirap kasi hanapin nung place, yan tuloy sa iba kami kumian.

  4. Hi chyng! Thanks for dropping by :) Yes! Chili crabs
    costs around 33SGD. My uncle always order that when we
    have dinner. Super sarap at sobrang pawis lang
    sa sobrang anghang haha

  5. "I'm a little bit nervous cause it's my first time to ride a budget airline going abroad."

    Ikaw na ang palaging naka international airline!!! haha :))))

  6. Haha! don't get me wrong. O sige ganito nalang, im a bit nervous
    cause it's my first time to ride CebuPac. haha

  7. Ang ganda pala ng Singapore bago mag Chinese New year!
    Thanks for sharing! I also blogged about SG please do
    check out mine too!

    new follower :)

  8. yes! that's why i love chinese tradition. will check out your blog now :)