Monday, January 16, 2012


What a blogger. My last update was December.
Wait for my upcoming post. Just got home from Singapore. So much stories to tell!


  1. Welcome back! :D I miss Singapore.. So I'll definitely be waiting for your posts about your recent trip! ;)

  2. di ka nag-iisa Jeo...LoL...the bad thing about me is that my "should be new entries" were lost since it was saved in my flash drive and my flash drive disappeaed. I was really pissed-off. But Kay told me, maybe there will be better entries and those lost ones don't deserve to be posted.

    Can't wait to read your post plus your recent trip in Singapore. Welcome back!

  3. Thanks Sumi and Sir Jay! I've updated already my blog.
    Not yet done though :) Will post everything today.