Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Universal Studios Jan 2012

USS Day!
We got up at around 8:00am, took breakfast and off we went to Harborfrount Station (where we'll take a monorail going to Universal Studios/Sentosa) Since we were early, we can't find any money changer. The power of asking lead us to the achievement of having SGD's.

Where to ride the monorail? If you alight at Harborfrount station, you have to go inside Vivo City (huge mall) and go to 3rd floor. You also have an option to ride the Cable Car going to Sentosa but it's way expensive. You can use your EZlink card when you ride the monorail (3SGD)

This post won't be lengthy cause I didnt enjoy there THAT much. Why? cause my sister is very oh so much KJ to try all the rides for she was freaking SCARED. lol

Facade of Vivo City. The mall is still closed but you can go inside

Monorail that will take you to USS/Sentosa/Imbiah Lookout
Cute isn't it? How I wish we have that kind here in Philippines.

Candy trees! We didn't bother cause we already bought a lot of sweets in Mustafa Center.

Of course! This is the most important photo of all. If you don't have a picture in front of this globe, never been to USS.

Just like a kid. This is the cubicle where you'll purchase entrance ticket. Just a tip, if you want to save up some dollars, you may book online. Go there on weekdays so it'll be not that expensive. 
Peak days (Sat-Sun) 74SGD / Non Peak 68SGD

Performers. I think that guy in the middle is a Filipino. Or maybe not. Haha They're really good!

Our first. I dunno the name of this ride. It's a spinning thing.

My frustration. My sister doesn't want to ride this one. Ill make sure that when I go back, am gonna hop into this.

You should ride Ancient Egypt/Mummy. I didn't tell my sister that it was a hell of a ride. A must try!

Far far away! 

I enjoyed the Shrek 3D/4D whatever show inside the castle.

It's really hot. Bring umbrella and water.

In front of I dunno what.

This food costs 12SGD it comes with orange gelatin dessert and a big cup of softdrinks.
Still expensive though.

Endless chocolates. I'm telling you, I was running like a kid inside.

We stayed in USS for 4hours. The place is not that big compared to HongKong Disneyland. I'm really wondering why there weren't a lot of people in the park even if it's Sunday. I must say that I still prefer Disneyland HK over USS, srsly. Food inside the park is a bit expensive, there aren't much souvenir items to choose from. But overall, I still enjoyed. I hope that by next time I visit, they already have a lot of attractions.


  1. woot, USS! =)
    sakit lang sa leeg nung galactica ride.