Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You know what kills you

Yesterday, I was at Makati to finish my requirements for my new job. While filling out some forms, the HR asked me that do you even know what you're filling out? I was like what the hell is he talking about? I know that these forms are needed for my pre-employment, that's it. He was then pertaining to the monthly deductions from my salary. Yes of course I know that but I dunno EXACTLY how much will be deducted. There's a certain form, I forgot what it is, where I put all the names of our family members as dependents. The HR told me that there's a plan for it and the minimum would be 900 bucks per pax. So that's about 3.6k deduction if I continued my stupidity.

Who would care about deductions and taxes when you're just a student? Now that I am working, even before my first salary, I could already feel the pain of it.  I know that it kills me and I got nothing to do about it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Philippine Taxi Drivers

The busy streets of Metro Manila are infiltrated with cabs handled by the best and the worst drivers.

In a month, I ride 20 to 30 times. It’s a need for me especially when I am running late or if the place is really very far. Who wouldn’t want a comfy ride in a tropical country?

The flag down rate here in PH is Php 40 (and additional 3.50 for every 3 meters AFAIK) It’s really way different in here. In other countries, you just simply jump in and tell the driver where you’re going (regardless of traffic and how far) here, you have to negotiate first and ask for the driver’s approval. That’s what I hate about them. I really get irritated whenever I encounter one especially when I am hours late from my destination.

I am not bad-mouthing them all. There are still some who are good and will never take advantage. The likes of MGE, EMP, R&E are the best ones. I like it when the driver tells stories, drives smoothly and pa-bibo. I give a tip automatically if one is satisfied.
When I went to Cebu, I can’t help but compare how the drivers treat their passengers. Ang babait ng mga driver sa Cebu unlike here in Manila where majority are bastards.  There kahit wala pang 1km pwede ka mag pahatid pero dito sa MNL todo tanggi sila agad.

I am thinking if the government should just simply monitor the taxi operations.  Is it better? or not? There’s really a need for major overhaul.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SUTUKIL, Island Hopping (Nalusuan, Pandanon), Imperial Palace hotel

The most exciting day! beach day! We were waiting for another friend to arrive. She has lots of surprises and she never fails at that. She told us that we will do island hopping! Oh God, it would be my first time to do such so I am indeed excited for the rest of the day.

We went first at Shamrock Fuente Osmena circle to buy some pasalubong items: Dried mangos, Otap, Barquillos, Mazareal, etc. I shelled out Php 500 for that. After shamrock, we headed straight to Mactan Island to have brunch at SUTUKIL (it’s a must when you go there). We ordered baked scallops, garlic and chilli shrimp, squid, lobster etc! The food were enticing, made it even more sumptuous because we ate with our bare hands. I think I gained 2 to 3 pounds solely from that brunch. *burp*

Before our island hopping, we bought bunch of breads at Julie’s bakeshop cause we’ll gonna feed ‘em fishes! Finally, we have arrived at the port area and the boat reserved for us (named Tharsis) was already there.

Our first stop: Nalusuan
Snorkelling it is! and we fed the fishes. The three plastic bag of breads that we bought wasn’t even enough. We spent around 45 mins to 1 hour at Nasuluan. What a beautiful experience.

Second stop: Pandanon Island
The place is very beautiful! The fine texture of sand excites my feet. T’was low tide that time but who cares? The scenery is really priceless. While we were enjoying in the beach, I was stung by a sea urchin L the natives there told me that I have to pee on it for the pain to subside. I did, and it was effective.

Since we were already enjoying too much, we didn’t notice the time. We got back to the port area at around 5:30 pm and headed to Imperial Palace Hotel to check-in. Gel accompanied me to the clinic and the other two hurriedly went to the slide for it will be closed at 6pm. I love it there! I would love to go back<3

Our flight would be 5:55am, we checked-out at around 4:30am. No hassle cause we have a service waiting outside. When we arrived at the domestic terminal, there was already a final call for check-in. The security spared us from the long queue. I really thought that the plane would leave us.
The flight from CEB-MNL went smoothly. We’re now back to reality. I’ll miss Cebu, my best local vacation so far. I’m planning to go back again hopefully.