Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Philippine Taxi Drivers

The busy streets of Metro Manila are infiltrated with cabs handled by the best and the worst drivers.

In a month, I ride 20 to 30 times. It’s a need for me especially when I am running late or if the place is really very far. Who wouldn’t want a comfy ride in a tropical country?

The flag down rate here in PH is Php 40 (and additional 3.50 for every 3 meters AFAIK) It’s really way different in here. In other countries, you just simply jump in and tell the driver where you’re going (regardless of traffic and how far) here, you have to negotiate first and ask for the driver’s approval. That’s what I hate about them. I really get irritated whenever I encounter one especially when I am hours late from my destination.

I am not bad-mouthing them all. There are still some who are good and will never take advantage. The likes of MGE, EMP, R&E are the best ones. I like it when the driver tells stories, drives smoothly and pa-bibo. I give a tip automatically if one is satisfied.
When I went to Cebu, I can’t help but compare how the drivers treat their passengers. Ang babait ng mga driver sa Cebu unlike here in Manila where majority are bastards.  There kahit wala pang 1km pwede ka mag pahatid pero dito sa MNL todo tanggi sila agad.

I am thinking if the government should just simply monitor the taxi operations.  Is it better? or not? There’s really a need for major overhaul.


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