Friday, June 22, 2012

Random: When you want to be truly happy but rather stay on the safe side cause people might judge you

This world is full of damn, judgmental and ruthless people. It's like we're being watched on a daily basis and a judgment or reaction is a follow-through when you either do good or bad. Why are some people being so judgmental that it's as if our lives depend on them, or on what they say? Why can't people just act normal and be happy without getting any remarks or unexpected feedbacks?

What the hell? It's easy, just don't mind them.

Unfortunately, that said statement does not apply to everyone. Others are just weak to stand up for themselves. Maybe soon, people will be brave enough to show to the world what they  want, what they do best and what they think best fits for their existence.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trying to be a Polyglot since time immemorial

I'm pretty amazed with people who can converse in different languages. Take note, converse. Not just merely speaking or writing cause there's a thin line.

The title post is : Trying to be a Polyglot since time immemorial. So what are the things that I have done to become one?

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I was never satisfied with just being able to speak fluently in Filipino and English. There were a lot of influences actually that made me or should i say pushed me in pursuing other languages. The first that I got curious was Japanese. The coolness of it was brought about by me being addicted to anime (the likes of Naruto, Ghost Fighter etc.) I thought that for you to be as great as the anime characters are, you should know how to speak nihonggo, crazy right? But after learning some words and applying it to everyone, I got tired of it and eventually forgot everything that I have studied. I tell you, you can never really be fluent if you don't practice conversing in a daily manner. Bottomline, Nihonggo attempt = FAIL.

Hola! Que tal? can you guess now what's next? yes, it's Spanish. So why the hell I thought of studying that? T'was a boring summer (2009) when I stumbled upon a forum on Pinoyexchange under Hobbies & Recreation. I got curious when I saw "Instituto Cervantes" thread. The people there were conversing in Spanish so I was like "I wanna learn too!!" I got interested so I searched about it more over the net. I figured out then that the said school is just situated near U.N. LRT Station so it's really easy for me to commute back then. After spending 2 months for my Spanish course, I just learned the basics. It's a bit hard I must say :| but it's worth it! plus our professor was really great cause she didn't make it boring for us. My co-students were professionals, businessmen and the likes. Only a few were in the same age bracket.

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So how's my Spanish as of today? I don't know. HAHAHA I can still speak some words and comprehend a little, though.

Last but no the least, Mandarin.

The sole reason why I wanted to learn Mandarin was because of the Chinese people surrounding me. I have lots (AS IN LOTS!) of chinese friends at school and sometimes I talk to them in basics. What's really difficult about this language is the tonal projection (cause there are same words that have different meanings depending on how you pronounce/say it. Say for example the word "si" it may mean the number "4" or may mean "death" so be careful when saying it especially to oldies. I had my fair share of sleepless nights just to master mandarin, its really interesting, sure do. So how do I study? I bought this book at National bookstore a year ago:

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It's a bit expensive. Around 400php++ if my memory serves me right. For the pronunciation part, I depend on YouTube so I'd know if I am saying the words or phrases the right way. Up until now Im studying the said language. Another difficult thing is the way chinese people converse, they talk so fast! I cant even understand a thing about what they say on television. I guess I just have to learn the common used words or settle for a Mandarin class to upgrade myself.

After all the things that I have done, may it be a waste or not, I think I can never be a polyglot. I can never be as great as our national hero Jose Rizal. It really takes passion and time to become one. I only have one.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lifelong achievement

This afternoon, I'm feeling a bit bored so I decided to surf the net. While doing my routine, few minutes have just passed when all of a sudden a friend/co-blogger tagged me on Facebook. At first, I was wondering what's that about. Then I saw the message:

At first I was like, why would he tag me? Did I win the contest?? or maybe he just wanted to show to the participants who won?? I'm clueless. So I decided to click the link...

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Ohh, he's the winner.

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(scroll down)

Oops, thats the first runner up..

(scroll down)
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(scroll down)


I WON?!?!?!!? I tell you now seriously, I was really really really really shocked to the nth power. What the heck!!! I felt very ecstatic cause my entry was chosen among other 100++ entries! I wasn't even thinking about the prize, basta ang alam ko lang eh ang sarap sa pakiramdam na yung napili ko ang ipapangalan sa soon-to-be-first born ni Sir Jay ! It's like a life-long achievement for me. Bonus nalang yung 5,000 php and Starbucks mug that I will be receiving (in fairness ha, ang galante ng prize!)

To Sir Jay and Ms. Wida, thank you for choosing my entry. I feel so proud to name your first baby, good thing nagustuhan nyo. I demand to be one of the godfathers of Damien! haha.

To Damien Caleb, I'm really excited to see you. I know that you'll embody the name that I have given you (naks! hahaha feel na feel lang) We are all excited to welcome you here in the Christian world!


Para sa mga curious sa pinasa kong entry (kung meron man hehe), here:

Monday, June 11, 2012

"Suggest A Name" contest - Online search for Christian name

Since wala naman sa mechanics na dapat in English language ang entry, dadamahin kong gawin ito sa wikang Filipino (tapos Independence day ngayon, so swak na swak talaga. haha) Anyway, sorry sa napaka-walang kwentang intro...

Eto nga pala ang suggestion ko for Sir Jay's soon-to-be-first born

Damien Caleb Rafol (aminin mo maganda yung name na napili ko. haha)

Oh eto seryoso na,

Napili ko Damian (or Damien, eitherway, maganda pakinggan pareho) I suggest St. Damian kasi tumatak talaga siya sa isip ko dahil nung 4th year ako sa UST Highschool yan ang name ng section namin, class president pa ako nun so mahal na mahal ko talaga ang pangalan na yan. MOVING ON, Isa syang Roman Catholic priest from Belgium at member sya ng congregation of scared hearts (to be honest yan lang naaalala ko sa kanya) at eto pa, pinaka importante, He's a Martyr of Charity. So gusto ko, paglaki ng baby ni Sir Jay, maging mapag kawang-gawa siya.

Next one is Caleb (pronounced as kay-leb).

Caleb is a Hebrew baby name meaning "like the heart" or "whole hearted" sabi ng theo teacher ko before, he's a companion of Moses. Eh, favorite ko rin si Moses, so favorite ko na rin siya. Haha. Basta, I really think that this is a good name. Very Unique!


Mga dalawang oras din ako nag mix n' match ng names pero tingin ko eto na talaga ang the best. haha
I really dont care about the prize, basta masaya lang talaga mag isip ng baby names! I'll be so happy
pag yan ang napili, haha. Or kung hindi man, yan ang ininick-name ko for him.

See you real soon!!

Bloggers and non-bloggers, sali na kayo. Here's the link:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Will waste 5 minutes of your time now

I was about to fall asleep when I decided to turn on the laptop and...yeah make a blog post. It's been a while since I last updated this and I feel sorry for myself for not sharing to you guys the major highlights of my summer (assuming that any of you cares)

So, what's up? By the way, I turned 22yo this May. Post dated gifts are still welcome. Moving on, so what I am up to in here? I seriously don't know. I can't even think of a decent topic to expound or share. Maybe the recent impeachment? Lifehouse concert? or maybe my newly groomed puppy? nah.

I'm so broke.

I wanna play at RW to make my money double! but I don't need to put my being a little liquid for that goddamn risky junk investment. I have two upcoming international trips, no, make it three! I dunno where to get all the legal tenders. Must I rob a bank now? sell sex along q.ave? Suggestions.

This post is beyond non-sense. I am totally high right now and I am past my bed time. Will delete this soon if I already have something decent to blog about. *Crossfingers and Crosslegs*

I wasted 5 minutes of your life by reading this shit.

Much love.