Friday, June 22, 2012

Random: When you want to be truly happy but rather stay on the safe side cause people might judge you

This world is full of damn, judgmental and ruthless people. It's like we're being watched on a daily basis and a judgment or reaction is a follow-through when you either do good or bad. Why are some people being so judgmental that it's as if our lives depend on them, or on what they say? Why can't people just act normal and be happy without getting any remarks or unexpected feedbacks?

What the hell? It's easy, just don't mind them.

Unfortunately, that said statement does not apply to everyone. Others are just weak to stand up for themselves. Maybe soon, people will be brave enough to show to the world what they  want, what they do best and what they think best fits for their existence.


  1. Very well said. :) Life would always be full of negative people. Just don't mind them, and love yourself. :)

  2. Sabi nga people are by nature judgmental. Until they learn to detach from that attitude only when they're free to live. We are mirroring each other so whatever we say to other people is tantamount of saying it to ourselves.