Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chocolate = comfort food.

While strolling around the supermarket, I asked my mom to buy me some (down there) Since I am too excited to eat one, I already ate the Toblerone (thus not included anymore in the picture) I dunno, it's just that I feel so happy when I eat chocolates. You may call me weird but I always smile when I'm munching one. I blame it all to my Dad who always buy me chocolates.

My Top 3 favorite chocolates are Royce Nama (quite expensive) Milka (not available locally) and Toblerone. Kinder Bueno, Toblerone, Cadbury, Hersheys and other Nestle products satisfy my cravings too. Last Christmas, I got two buckets/boxes of chocolates. I felt so thankful and ecstatic that time. Am hoping that this coming Christmas someone will give a bucket or two. If you feel that that is too much, A piece would suffice. I will truly appreciate it.

This ain't a lengthy post about chocs. I just want to let you know all how I drool over 'em. 


  1. Santa will give you one. Just wait. :)) coming in maybe a month..LoL...hahaha :))

  2. Hmm.Kakaibang feeling to, feeling ko may magbibigay eh. Pero ayoko mag assume. hahaha :))

  3. I've Santa nga ang magbibigay. LoL..feeling lang yan. LoL. :))

  4. Pero balita ko masarap daw chocolates sa KSA eh. :))) hahaha