Thursday, October 20, 2011

I wanna go somewhere.

Dvao maybe? or HongKong? The idea of just being at home for a week kills me.
Thus what I have written in my "about me" part, given a chance to switch profession - I would love to be a tour guide.

There's something about travelling that excites me. It's not just the scenery or the people that you will meet, but also the "nerve" feeling that may happen along the way. Let me tell you a story...

When I was 19, my Dad allowed me to go to Hong Kong alone. Why? because I want to. Because I want to experience going solo. I was ecstatic that time cause finally, somehow, it's a dream come true for me. It's gonna be me, myself and I.

6:30 in the morning, my Dad brought me to the airport. Well, he doesn't care at all. All he said was "Ingat ka" that's it, no more other parent to children talking stuff.
Fast forward.. When it's finally my turn on queue, the Customs officer asked me: "19 ka lang? asan kasama mo? mag isa ka lang talaga.?" (You're just 19? do you have company? you're really alone?) Then I said: "Yes I am 19 and I am alone" Without further questions, She let me in.

While waiting for boarding time, I am thinking, who would be sitting beside me? Would I meet a stranger that will make my trip be more adventurous? Well, to my dismay, two old Mainlanders sat beside me. How will I be able to talk to them if they could only speak Mandarin? Sad.

Without going much into details, let's go to the gist. I got lost in Hong Kong. Stupid you may say but my being adventurous lead me to the unfortunate. I was somewhere in Mong Kok and I decided not to take the MTR instead, I walked back going to hotel. Since I enjoyed much, I didn't notice that I'm heading the wrong way! I got lost for an hour and it was night time. I was nervous that I may never get back (how pessimistic I am)

I really prayed hard at that moment. It's no joke okay, I am in an alley, street or wherever that I barely know. With God's guidance, I was able to get back. I saw the MTR station and I immediately rode in. was dead tired also. That would be an unforgettable experience.


I dunno how to end this post. My mind ain't functioning that well. What the hell. This post has been in my drafts for 1 week already


  1. Charge it to experience but it's thrilling to get lost sometimes. You know the feeling wherein you suddenly put yourself uncertain. It's like things became suddenly blur. But, it is also when our human instinct will work at best. I love traveling as well. And your idea of shifting into being a tour guide. I was once offered to work as a tour guide locally when I was still connected in a learning institution. But as much as I want to, I refused since I was loaded with lots of "rackets" those times. Having regular job as an admin staff with teaching loads in Grade School English plus doing tutorial (home study) with Koreans. I'd kill myself if I did accept it then. So many opportunities yet so lack of time. :)))

  2. Let's travel when you get here. hehe
    anyway, yeah. I really wanna be a tour guide. I won't mind going far places. And yung Dad ko, pag inuutusan nya ko, dun talaga ako natuto na magpunta kung saan saan.
    Pag stable ka na, you could do travelling na with your future partner :)