Sunday, October 30, 2011

My October 30th went well

Got up at around 4:30am cause me and my parents plus some other friends will jog at PICC grounds. My parents are both health conscious too. Am getting a big chunk of motivation from them. Here are some shots that I got (cam phone):

We usually park at Harbor Square near CCP Complex.

After we jogged and played badminton, we went to Seaside. Bought some Shrimp and Halaan. You can have it cooked there or simply take it out. Since it's already late, they decided to just cook it at home. I love Sundays, I love bonding with my parents.


  1. I play badminton competitively. But, right now on a halt since I got a knee problem. (aging...LoL). I have a club here in KSA and it's called Filipino United Netters or F.U.N.

    Photos of seafoods made me crave to cook one. Ang seafood dito is murang mura. By the way, nice bonding with your mum and dad. :))

  2. Haha, how old are you na ba Sir Jay? Saya mag badminton. I am no pro pero nakakapaglaro naman ako ng matino :))

    How much naman ang seafoods dyan (convert to peso) ?

  3. So, you love shrimps, huh? It's really good to eat at Seaside!

    By the way, where was your header taken? It looks interesting. :)

  4. Hahaha..let's say, try to read my profile and it'll give you the idea of my age..LoL..

    Well, there are varieties here of seafoods, like crabs yong isang balde sometimes cost 10SAR (roughly around 120 there). Balde yon ha...hehehe..

    Ang hipon naman mga ranging from 200-250 per kilo.

  5. Hey Marvin! Thanks for dropping by :)
    Yeah, I love seafood particularly shrimps! Ang sarap pa mag kamay. Feel na feel yung pagkain :)

    That shot was taken in Cebu, Crown Regency Hotel where Sky Walk adventure is.

  6. Sir Jay! That's way cheaper! Dito ang 1 kilo ng Shrimp is 400php! Well wala naman kaming choice, favorite namin eh. :))

    You're in your early 30's I guess :))