Monday, October 17, 2011

I just keep on coming back

I was at UST awhile ago to get my xray result from the hospital. It really feels good to be back home. To tell you guys, I have studied there for 8 years (since Highschool) and it saddens me to part with my beloved university. I can't help but reminisce the good old times with friends and blockmates.

Before I stroll around, I bought Wintermelon Milk tea at Golden Chopsticks (located at 2nd Flr Carpark) Oh well, it's just your typical milk tea, nothing special. I just wasted 70 pesos. I should have bought something cheaper.

I headed to QuadriCentennial park to kill some time.

Nothing has changed. I'd be glad to go back every now and then. I swear to all sorts that by the time I already have children, the only school that I will let them enroll in is UST.

Viva La Liga El Tomasino.


  1. "God of all nations, merciful Lord of our restless being..." I miss my alma mater. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Hi there gasoline dude! Wow, fellow thomasian!
    Thank you for visiting my site too. :)