Sunday, October 23, 2011

On vices

How many bad vices you got? Me, I got two. Namely alcohol and cigarette. When did these vices come into my system?

My drinking career started when I was in High school. At first I was hesitant to try it but eventually, my body accepted it with open arms. I remembered my first attempt, my very first bottle of SanMig Light. I was a retard for trying it with salt (haha, stupid I know) Well, t'was bland and I kinda hate the rustic taste. I was wondering then why do people enjoy this shit drink? Then I got introduced to Red Horse. It's way better than SanMig Light. Love the taste and the way it kicks me after consuming 5 to 6 bottles.

When I got into College, I met some friends who are into drinking session too. They love RH over any other beers. Adding to our addiction are hard drinks; to name a few: GSM Blue, The Bar Apple, Tequila Mix, Cuervo and so on. My worst drinking was when I'm in 3rd & 4th year college. Almost thrice a week when we go on a session (even during exams week!) plus the start also of my new vice, smoking. Just a random fact, I easily get drunk when beer is on the table rather than hard.

With the said vices, did it affect my studies? did I disappoint anyone? No & None. Cause I know my limitations and I know when to stop. I already put an end to my 2 year smoking habit. It has been 7 months since my last and you may congratulate me for that. As for drinking, twice a month would be my limit.

Cheers now for a healthy lifestyle. I must say that t'was good also for me to try these vices when I was still young; realized on an early note their harmful effects. So what am I doing with my life right now? I do work out everyday, I eat healthy food and I sleep 8 hours a day.

Hope you guys be health conscious someday. Let's not abuse our body for you'll gonna regret what you have done in the future. Stay fit!


  1. Great you've surpassed the test of peer pressure. As for me, I have had my share of "alak" but on a highly moderate basis only. I never got into a situation where I look for it. Nor with the "weed" or the cigarette. Siguro ma-prinsipyo lang akong tao. I wouldn't stride into a lake when I know there's a clear and present danger ahead.

    Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!

  2. Nice naman, ma-prinsipyo! Yan si jay! hehe. Last night nasa inuman ako eh. Just had one shot pero umayaw na ako. No pressure though. Okay lang sa friends ko since I told them beforehand that I don't like drinking anymore(paminsan minsan nalang)