Sunday, December 18, 2011

Smile on your face

Christmas is nearing and there's something I wanna see: A smile on your face.
I've checked my piggy bank, drawers, and other hidden spaces on my room for some paper bills and coins. What for? I want to buy edible goods to be distributed to street children the night before Christmas. It is a simple way for me to share all the blessings that I have received.

The total money that I got was Php 4,567.00 I think it's already enough. Am gonna make spaghetti and sandwich for the little kiddos out there to make them feel full on their Noche Buena. Am so looking forward to this activity. Since I don't have a car, I'll probably be commuting around the Metro. It may seem tiring but who cares right?

This is the true spirit of Christmas, giving and sharing something you have rather than wasting money and digging in for unnecessary material things. Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Enchanted Kingdom and Kubo kubo Tagaytay

Some of the captured photos. T'was raining when we got to Enchanted Kingdom. The night came and it stopped. Thank you Lord for letting us enjoy even for a few hours. I really love space shuttle but I have little patience for the queue. Imagine, a 1 hour waiting in line for that stupid, killer ride.

Didnt post here our soaking wet pictures (after trying Jungle Log jam) Just a tip, never ever seat in front of the log. After trying out almost all the rides, we waited for Fireworks display! wuhoo! Guess what? It's disappointing. 

We left EK past 10pm. We headed straight to Kubo kubo Tagaytay to have late dinner and videoke.

I love this day. I love my friends.

**photos grabbed from MarvinAlejandro

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First meet up: They're awesome!

Since Kay (Life is KULAYful) already blogged about the meet up, I won't go further into details. It's my first time to meet up with bloggers, hella fun I must say! Had dinner at MOMO Ayala Triangle with Tito Jay (Rafol draws of Thoughts) together with his wife, Tida Wida and his cousin, Xtian.

There's no dull moment. They are really awesome people. Happy to have met them in person :)

Bloggers united (Kay and Tito Jay). T'was around 11pm when we left Momo

You guys should follow thz amazing people. So lucky that God gave me an opportunity to hang out with them. And oh, I wanna thank Tito Jay for the Starbucks Mug and Chocolates that he gave us (unfortunately, I wasnt able to take a photo of it cause when I woke up, the chocolates were gone!)

more meet-ups to come!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I need to fix my life

Everything is fine and normal. I have a loving family, trustworthy friends and all the other things that may envy others. But there seems to be lacking. Sometimes I pause for a while, thinking on how do I deal now with my life. Why do I feel that it's as if I am a big mess? I failed my last relationship, I resigned from my job and now I'm one hell of a bum. It's pretty clear to me that I still don't know what I really want in life. But I'm scared, I dunno till when will I wait. I don't want to disappoint my parents and of course myself for my future is in line here.

I need to fix my life. I need to fix myself. I want to make everything somehow perfect. It's sad projecting to everyone that you're a happy/jolly person but deep inside, you think a lot about crazy matters.
I know that God is with me in this journey. I keep holding on to my faith!

Nevertheless, I'm still sad.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shoe and Bag SALE at SMX, World Bazaar Festival WTC

This day has finally arrived. Today will be a jam-packed one cause I have a lot in line for this day. Earlier this morning, we went to CCP Grounds. Unfortunately, we were not able to jog because the roads were blocked (Roxas blvd) and everywhere was traffic! why? because of Red Cross fun run. Majority of the event's participants were students.

We got back home before 8:30am. After breakfast, we waited for the clock to strike 10 then we headed straight to SMX for the Shoe and Bag sale. It was raining non stop but we won't let that hinder us in digging discounted items.

It was really not that crowded when we arrived at around 10:30am. Everyone was so busy minding what to buy. I was a little excited cause my Dad is with me (He's going to pay for my impulsive purchases!)

WBrown caught my eye. Showed it to my Dad and he liked it too! We ended up buying the same pair. haha (He insisted maybe because he doesn't want me to borrow his own stuff)

Puma, Nike, Adidas, Rbk, GBX, Hush Puppies, Crocs etc!
The price-off is around 60 to 70%

I mentioned earlier that t'was a Shoe and Bag sale. Uh, there were no stuff that much for guys for the bags. As for the ladies, there were a lot of handbag/shoulderbag/whateverbag choices. We bought also a suitcase for my sister (cause hers was already dilapidated and buying a new one is a dire need.)

A lot of Nike!

If I only have money, I wouldn't mind purchasing AT LEAST 10 pairs (but I don't. So goodbye to my illusion) btw today, Dec 04, is the last day for the sale. Heartbreaking right? After the fast shopping at SMX, I met up with my friend then we went straight to World Trade Center. This time for the World Bazaar Festival.

My Dad dropped us off. Still raining

You'll see this giant once you enter WTC. The entrance ticket costs Php 50.00

I was expecting for a big crowd but thank God there were only a few (maybe because of the non-stop rain)

That hat in the middle costs Php 180.00 (I should have bought it!)

You press, it will turn off.

Pet items! For your dogs :)

Shirt (for ladies) Php150.00

lots of accessories

See this? A Mini Popcorn and Cotton candy maker! around Php2k++ 

Christmas decors will never be out of sight

Oh yeah, shoes for guys. Still.

My friend here was undecided on what design of the watch she'll buy. Php650.00

Free bag for everyone. Don't throw your entrance ticket, you have to show it to them.

Today indeed was very tiring (but hella fun!) My feet hurts after the adventure. One thing is for sure, I'll definitely go back to World Bazaar Festival. I have lots of things left to buy. It's truly worth it to go there. Just a tip, if you wanna shop, be there as early as 10 am so that you won't get irritated with the crowd. Also, do not buy at first sight! Why? cause there are similar items with different prices. You don't wanna waste an excess of hundred peso I suppose. Lastly, don't be afraid to HAGGLE!

Enjoy shopping bloggers! Enjoy Christmas Season!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas last year.

Dunno where the other pictures are.
Wishing for a good vibes all the way for this season.
Who cares about material things and stuff? I just want to be in peace with God, family and friends!