Thursday, December 15, 2011

Enchanted Kingdom and Kubo kubo Tagaytay

Some of the captured photos. T'was raining when we got to Enchanted Kingdom. The night came and it stopped. Thank you Lord for letting us enjoy even for a few hours. I really love space shuttle but I have little patience for the queue. Imagine, a 1 hour waiting in line for that stupid, killer ride.

Didnt post here our soaking wet pictures (after trying Jungle Log jam) Just a tip, never ever seat in front of the log. After trying out almost all the rides, we waited for Fireworks display! wuhoo! Guess what? It's disappointing. 

We left EK past 10pm. We headed straight to Kubo kubo Tagaytay to have late dinner and videoke.

I love this day. I love my friends.

**photos grabbed from MarvinAlejandro


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