Sunday, December 11, 2011

I need to fix my life

Everything is fine and normal. I have a loving family, trustworthy friends and all the other things that may envy others. But there seems to be lacking. Sometimes I pause for a while, thinking on how do I deal now with my life. Why do I feel that it's as if I am a big mess? I failed my last relationship, I resigned from my job and now I'm one hell of a bum. It's pretty clear to me that I still don't know what I really want in life. But I'm scared, I dunno till when will I wait. I don't want to disappoint my parents and of course myself for my future is in line here.

I need to fix my life. I need to fix myself. I want to make everything somehow perfect. It's sad projecting to everyone that you're a happy/jolly person but deep inside, you think a lot about crazy matters.
I know that God is with me in this journey. I keep holding on to my faith!

Nevertheless, I'm still sad.


  1. I can somehow relate to you as I'm still a little confused on how to go about with my life. But we can do this! :) As of the moment, while you still have time on your hands, maybe you can do more reflecting and thinking of what you really want to achieve in life. Maybe list down what you want to have and to become in 5 years. Then think of how you would achieve those and make things happen.

    It may be difficult, but even as young as we are, we have to know already what we really want in life para we can avoid making bad decisions and waste time.. :)

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you for the heads up Sumi. I'll surely do what you're suggesting, gonna make a list of what I really want and I'll find time (maybe a week) to reflect.

    It's really hard for me right now cause even though my parents are not talking, they are expecting too much from me. I can feel it.
    We can do this!