Monday, October 31, 2011

10 Random facts about me

1. I love traveling. I love going somewhere else.

2. I'll do anything for chocolates. 10 big bars at least.

3. I read Novel books to kill time

4. I love Math. I do well in numbers. But I am no geek okay?

5. I turn super RED when drinking alcoholic beverages

6. They say I am a joker. I love making people laugh.

7 I love singing. It's just that I can't expose it yet to people

8. I still play toys

9. My last relationship was a year ago. You may want to be the next. :))

10. I am not materialistic. I waste my money on food. (waste?)

Now you know.


  1. Now, I papainumin kita ng madami pag nagkita tayo. para mamula ka.

    Papakainin din kita ng madami.LoL.

    Ang chocolate ni Santa..coming to town na. LoL.

    I'll let you sing for me and Kay..LoL

    We both love numbers and traveling. LoL..hehehe

    It's a nice thing there's a Jim Carey around when we meet. :)))

  2. NO!! Hahaha. Pero natuwa ako sa Santa is coming to town! :)) yehey!

  3. I love traveling too, though I still can't afford expensive out-of-the-country trips at the moment. And like you, I become a tomato head after drinking.. though I have quite a tolerance on alcoholic beverages.. XD

  4. gusto ko rin ng travelling at chocolates. haha. pambihirang bisyo ang mga yan. magastos. haha XD