Monday, July 16, 2012

Nan Lian Garden, Ngong Ping Village, Avenue of Stars, Mong Kok

It was a humid Sunday morning. We had our breakfast in Mcdo near Peking road, TST. Well, it's really not advisable to eat there since it's expensive but we have a few HKD's to spare so nevermind about being frugal. There were a lot of Filipinas there meeting up. It's actually a normal thing on a Sunday since it's their "day-off".

Since we have no photo of the one in Peking road, I just used this.

Moving on to our city tour, I brought my friends first at Nan Lian Garden. We rode the MTR going to Diamond Hill station exit C2. It was just around 9:30 am when we arrived but the sun is already acting up. My friend's family did enjoy the beauty of the said garden and they were pretty amazed with Chi Lin Nunnery but the scorching heat is ruining our tour.

After Nan Lian, we headed straight to Tung Chung station for Ngong Ping 360 BUT before we could reach the said tourist spot, we need to ride a 20 minute cable car ride. I'm totally not surprised with the long queue considering that it is a Sunday. We waited for more than an hour just to get ourselves inside the cable car cabin. By the way, round trip ticket for standard cabin costs 125HKD while the crystal cabin is 188 HKD. For other info please refer to this website: Ngong Ping 360

Intense queue-ing. Finally we were at the ticket counter

Ngong Ping Village

They didn't want to climb up the stairs for Tian Tan Buddha since it's really foggy and the ground was wet.

The view from the top was breath-taking. I remember two years ago, I rode the cabin alone going to and from Ngong Ping. Oh well, I am not afraid of heights though. Anyway, as we were about to reach the village, the strong wind and rain scared the hell out of us. Thank God we were able to arrive safely. As I have said, it was raining but after a few minutes the sun showed up again. The irritating bipolar weather was getting in our nerves.

After strolling Ngong Ping and Po Lin Monastery, we went back to Tung Chung for Citygate outlet. I didn't bother looking at some items cause I don't have any plans on buying so I just let them stroll around and see for themselves how much glory they can save to shop there than in the city.

It was around 4pm when we got back to tsim sha tsui. I told them to rest first before I accompany them to explore the vicinity. Exactly 7:30 pm, we were already at Victoria Harbour for Symphony of Lights. Before they witness the Symphony of Lights, I already told them that it isn't that fascinating at all. Right after the show, yeah, they got dismayed. haha

Crowded Victoria Harbour. A lot of Mainland-ers waiting for Symphony of Lights

After Avenue of Stars, we rode the MTR going to Mong Kok for night market. Our tummies were growling loud so we decided to have dinner first. The plan was to eat at Cafe de Coral but when we followed the directions going to the said restaurant, it leads us to a different one: Maxim's MX at Sa Yeung Choi St.

Big orders!

The food was a bit pricey but we didn't mind cause we are really hungry. Price ranges from 32-60HKD per meal. But we were surprised when we received our orders. It was fairly big! One order is good enough for two people!

After indulging, we stroll the area and look for cheap bargains. I told my friends that they should haggle very well and that they shouldn't mind the normal "angry/loud" approach of hongkies.

Busy Mong Kok street

 We decided to go back at around 11:30pm. It was really a tiring day indeed. Whew!


  1. nice tsao. pwede ka na pala tour guide sa HK. haha

  2. I am, tsao. Kaya kung pupunta kayo dun, hire me as your tour guide. Haha