Monday, May 30, 2011

Larsians Cebu

Our friend has finally arrived. Zest Air really sucked it cause the flight, if I remembered it right, was delayed for almost 3 hours! How uncool was that? Well anyway it doesn't matter. Since we were all very hungry, and as first part of our itinerary, we went to Larsian to have dinner.

Since t'was already late (11pm) there were only few people eating out. The picture above is what you call "pu-so" (rice) it costs Php 3. They will first give you 15 pieces and you only pay for how many you have consumed.

You'll be surprised for there are no spoon and fork available. They will just give you plastics! Cool isn't it? I prefer eating with my bare hands, no need for plastic anymore.

There were a lot of stalls and grilled whatevers like isaw, barbeque, chicken skin etc.. Eating there is not really pricey at all. I strongly recommend that you guys try it there. It's just near Fuente Osmena circle. Our total bill was Php 300 something. It's not expensive okay, we just really ordered A LOT. Next time am gonna go back for I haven't tried the Balamban Liempo (They say that it's really delicious and a must try)


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