Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sky Walk Adventure (Crown Regency Hotel)

This would be the highlight of our day. You guys should try Skywalk adventure! We bought the Php 950 package. It includes Dinner buffet at Sparkz resto, 4D Show, 2 rides (Skywalk and Edge Coaster), plus souvenir. You can also check out the sky observatory where you can see the Cebu's sky line.

Sky Observatory

Before we had our rides, we watched the 4D show first. There are three movies to choose from. Each show runs for 15minutes. We watched the "Don't take my chocolate". I was a bit disappointed with the 4D show. Not really entertaining at all.

Sky walk and Edge Coaster were the best! We didn't have picture from our own cam during the activity cause they have photographers there. You can have it printed for Php 230/ea. damn expensive right? oh well, business. Just a tip, if you're going to do sky walk, do it at night. The sky line is perfect! You get to see the whole Cebu proper. Lights are amazing. And oh! don't forget to wear rubber shoes. If you don't have, you could buy socks there for Php 20 and they will lend you shoes.

Sparkz Restaurant

Japanese, Western and  Filipino dishes are available. We ate a lot, as in A LOT. We made ourselves hungry the whole day so we could dig in for food during dinner. I tasted all the desserts (except for the halo halo) Didn't like their sansrival, beyond disappointing (cause it's my favorite! :c )

You can also enjoy there Zip line and Tower Zip!


  1. Riding the edgecoaster is CRAaAazzzzy! esp if it is super tilted! hahahaha. Havent tried the 4d, though.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Followed you through GFC.
    Pls follow mine, too!


  2. indeed! tho i didn't ride it, it's as if i could feel the craziness by just watching my friends! 4d isn't worth it. Thanks for visiting my blog :)