Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Must Visit places in Cebu 2

May 31, 2011

After Fort San Pedro, we went to Tabo-an Market. The place is popular for pasalubong items and dried fish like pusit, danggit etc.From Fort San Pedro, taxi fare was only Php 70php. As you have noticed, we've been riding taxi starting from our first day. We can't ride the jeepney cause we don't know the routes and roads. Taxi fare really consumed a lot from our pocket money.

I just bought Danggit and Pusit. 1 kilo costs around Php 600 above but you can have 1/4 kilo at around Php 178. As for the dried mangos, the cheapest is Php 39. I didn't buy dried mangos and otap there. I opted to buy at Shamrock, the famous pasalubong store in Cebu.

Next stop: Taoist Temple

Taoist Temple is accessible only with cab cause it's a little bit far. The place is so sacred and solemn. When you go there, ask the taxi driver to wait for you cause there are no available taxi outside. We tried the incense and the two stones that you have to drop if you have a question. We were so careful with our actions to show some respect. 

After Taoist, we went to Ayala Terraces to have lunch. The mall is like a Greenbelt and Glorietta combined. Nothing special there.


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